Five years ago Tony Abbott won the leadership by one vote; five years later that margin has increased by a long way, he told Sky News.
He "hit a bum note" in the words of Britain's Independent; it was a "memorable slip of the tongue", according to CNN (which also felt the need to dictionary define suppository NPR sympathised the US radio network has had to post countless "correctums" over the.Business Insider will have live coverage.2:50pm : In the first question to the PM in the House of Representatives this year, Opposition leader Bill Shorten asked Tony Abbott the very same question he posed to former PM Julia Gillard when she faced a leadership challenge three years ago.Abbott will be taking the chair.At one year, 361 days, Mr Abbott who faced what he called a "near-death experience" in February when MPs gave him six months to turn around the Government's fortunes served the shortest time as prime minister since Harold Holt.Greater consultation with the medical profession, so I imagine well see changes later on, he said.Tony Abbott promised he would run a stable and united government, Shorten said.Abbott survives, but he is leading a clearly divided partyroom with four out of 10 members of the partyroom voting to blow Abbott out of his position and force a leadership ballot.I am available to people.
Prime Minister-designate Malcolm Turnbull says he will lead a "thoroughly Liberal government" and has paid tribute to his predecessor, Tony Abbott, after winning a late-night ballot for the Liberal Party leadership.
11:40am : Always the optimist.

9.34am : Abbott addressed the partyroom after the vote.On securing Budget support in the Senate : It was a bold and ambitious budget last year, with the wisdom of hindsight, perhaps too bold and too ambitious.There was one informal vote.1:37pm : Abbott is addressing the media in Canberra, after surviving the leadership spill motion.12:15am : News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch just tweeted about Abbotts political survival.Please contact us should you casino kortspill characters wish to address issues concerning possible infringement.(Its possible that in the secret ballot, some didnt.) But the apparent result is that around two-thirds of the free vote was against the party leader.Follow Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.Others believe he is their best chance of a revival.I accept that prime ministers harrah's casino buffet new orleans dont always get their way.
Tony Abbott has survived a motion to spill the leadership of the Liberal party.