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Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010 blockbusters dont always have to be dumb, and Christopher Nolan proved this to be the case with his 2010 mind-bendingly complex sci-fi masterpiece, Inception.
Nypd detective and hostage negotiator Keith Frazer (Denzel Washington) is brought onto the scene to negotiate with the leader of the bank robbers, Dalton Russell (Clive Owen who is now holding people hostage in the bank.
He didn't quite reach the same level of excellence with heist films in 'The Killing but it's a worthwhile watch nonetheless.
Yet, some of the very best heist movies dont exactly end how we would expect.Jonathan Glazers debut film Sexy Beast marked the beginning of a very interesting career for the young British director.All this makes heist movies more engaging than idealistic rom-coms or straight-up horror flicks.Inside Man (Spike Lee, 2006).Things start to become more suspicious when Madeleine White (Jodie Foster a broker, also becomes involved with Detective Frazers investigation, upon the request of the bank owner, Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer).Well the answer is undoubtedly yes.19, the Killing, stanley Kubrick mastered horror, sci-fi, comedy, and war.However, things start to get really interesting when they are approached by a Japanese businessman Saito (Ken Watanabe who wants them to perform the incredibly difficult task of inception (the act of implanting an idea into someones head via their dreams) upon Robert Fischer (Cillian.Then there are films that revel in the heist, and more specifically, the planning behind the heist and the intricacies of the plan itself.Not only is Inception a brilliantly and lovingly crafted piece of filmmaking but it was also a very personal project for Christopher Nolan.Heists are always interesting to watch onscreen, which is probably why Hollywood likes to make so many movies involving them.Dom specialises in stealing corporate secrets by going into peoples dreams and extracting them, he and his merry band of followers are hence known as extractors.He was able to take the original Oceans Eleven film and bring it to life by making the characters more relatable and by making the heist a much more enjoyable watch, which is why its one of the best heist movies ever made.Herein lies the heist, the heist of someones mind, which is what makes Inception not only a compelling and inthralling film, but also a superb heist movie containing innovative and complex ideas.Bryan Singers direction keeps you hooked, yet its all about Christopher McQuarries Oscar winning original script, which is brilliantly written, and utterly enthralling.
Sexy Beast demonstrates that no matter what you do, your past will always come back to haunt you, and in this case, its in the form of a very dangerous and severely insane Sir Ben Kingsley.
Here are some of the most exciting heist movies you should check out, if you havent already.

17, heist, due for celebration if only for being a piece of Gene Hackman's home stretch, the film just about lives up to its name with potent thrills and interesting relationships.Inception is a science-fiction heist thriller in which Leonardo DiCaprio plays thief Dominick Dom Cobb, but he isnt your run-of-the-mill thief.Of course, it wasn't Oz's best con artist film.Maybe not a heist movie, roulette online spielen ohne anmeldung in the conventional sense of the term, or a heist film like any of the other films in this list.One staple of heist films is that, unlike in other genres, you often find yourself rooting for the villain.Spike Lees crime thriller is most certainly one of the most thrilling heist movies made in recent years.Having said this, many heist movies are guilty of being slightly formulaic and ultimately a bit dull.Three Kings, innovator David.Glazers unique direction, the wonderfully colourful dialogue (you will be"ng Sir Ben Kingsleys NO, NO NO NO NO NO NO!A valid point, but it's good enough to at least earn mention in any conversation about crime film.Kevin Kline gives a delightfully wicked turn in this gem.
Along with his longtime partner in crime Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt they work relentlessly to come up with a team of 11 men capable of pulling off the elaborate heist.
10, ocean's Eleven (2001 a smoother, cooler, and ultimately more victorious heist came 41 years later at the hands of Steven Soderbergh and his own collection of strong-jawed knuckleheads.