Yokoya wishes to win the game through dominance and acts as a good foil to Nao and Akiyama, who wish to free as many people from the game as possible.
Log Horizon's genre is hard to pinpoint, but I'd have to go with slice of life being the main focus.
As of the time of writing there are a little over 30 chapters.But Tokuchi is the best pitcher in the world, so he accepts the contract for fun.Psycho-Pass might belong here, but it never gave me a mind game vibe.He gets into the minds of his opponents and then crushes them, outwitting them at every move.Add to list, kakegurui 2nd Season.Mind Games, character Intelligence, how hard it was waiting through a hiatus for the final arc.
Compound that with the Lycaons' owner deliberatly trying to make Tokuchi give up runs and it turns into quite the pickle.
What follows is the best cat vs mouse game in anime.

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English: Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, japanese: Information, type: TV, episodes:.He manipulates them into loving him which sounds sort of mean or even misogynistic but it actually works really well.Add to list, kakegurui, add to list, mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion.Thankfully, he gains a competent rival in Norihiko Yokoya.Akagi (the show) is about.Keima is always in control of the situation, planning ahead and predicting the girls' reactions to his advances.Often with his life on the line, Akagi makes extremely gutsy plays.The games in this series are so well thought out that it will spend multiple chapters explaining what happened if it needs.What makes this series so good is that Kaiji himself is not invincible.Mind Games Character Intelligence Dramatic eating of potato chips Code Geass - Code Geass is about Lelouch vi Britannia as he obtains the power of Geass.
It's fairly arbitrary and based heavily on gut feeling so don't look too much into.