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Be the Mr 10 and rake in enough cash to buy a mansion.
P45 rating: * best online casino craps Pandaf Golf : Slightly insane, very annoying sound effects, but rather addictive all the same.We suggest organising an office championship (our best score is 33, by the way) P45 rating: * Crazy Golf : See if you can resist the temptation to give it a whack and hope for the best.Collected below are some of our favourite games on t'internet, so get stuck in and putt, kick, or skate your way casino spin wheel to the JobCentre.P45 rating: * Driving Mad : Driving in the Tiger Woods sense, not Kimi Raikkonen, this is another game which sets you simple targets and even tells you you're great when you're not like.You can feel fairly smug if you get beyond 10m.Athletics, denise Lewis Heptathlon : While it is not the most covert operation (bashing the B and N keys for all your worth) and is likely to cause debilitating finger cramps, this old style arcade game is maddeningly addictive.It's up, down, left right to control, and should keep you going until your lunch break at least.Get anywhere near 20 and you're doing well.You get bored at work, we get bored at work; the difference is, we don't get sacked for playing these games.With hour upon hour of practise of course.Online Basketball : This game takes a short while to load, but once you play it will soon become addictive writes Sean Monaghan.
P45 rating: * bowling League Bowling : Enjoyably retro.
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College and Pro game modes make way for hours of fun.Bumperball : "It's football, but in bumper cars, on an ice rink writes Nathan Jones.Touchdown USA : Tough to get the hang of but if you're a fan of American Football and you've got time to kill this game is for you, writes Lee Rosborough.Once you have finished the 100 or so levels you can make up your own layouts!" squeals Mark Bermingham, probably clapping his hands, too.Get that swerve on P45 rating: * winter sports Snowboarding : We would like to say this game is, like, totally rad dude.A good walk ruined.Crash Test Dummy Olympics : There's not much to these events, but getting them right is infuriatingly tough.Hockey Legends.8, halloween Basketball Legends.0, penalty Shooters.7, penalty Shooters.8, linebacker Alley.4, linebacker Alley.4, number.9.Choose your international team, then four players, and prepare to throw, tackle and pass your way to Paralympic glory.P45 rating: * Blast Billiards : Ian Gale calls this "a fiendishly addictive way to waste an hour or three at work." Even though we're shamefully useless at this game, we're inclined to agree.Run, kick, jump and score your way to fame!
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Take a look at some of our games and you'll see lots of great choices that range from real-life style graphics to cool and weird ones.