borderlands 2 777 slot

3 double Eridium bars:25, torgue Tokens.
3 Eridium bar :10, torgue Tokens.
Live grenades and eleven of the twelve eridium bars from a triple eridium reward will drop to the floor.
Or, rarely, purple weapon and sometimes the chance for character or vehicle skins.Similar to normal, slot Machines, they can drop anything from weapons, live mirv grenades, Torgue Tokens, or possibly more, depending on the result.Known combinations and rewards, first and second symbols different (regardless of 3rd No reward.3 bells: Unconfirmed 3 sevens: Character Skin.3 double Eridium bars: Two stacks of 4 Eridium bars (8 total) 3 triple Eridium bars: 12 individual Eridium bars.The price does not increase with Overpower Levels.3 triple Eridium bars:.Triple Eridium 75 437.48 Locations Notes If multiple players attempt to activate the same slot machine at the same time, all players will be charged, but the machine will only spin once.Borderlands 2 slot machine hack.Suicide Psychos use, and say "Boom time!".On rare occasions a jackpot will trigger that spille spill norsk xp spill pa windows 7 spews out around a dozen stacks of single eridium bars.Purple Weapon 50 655.This assumes all skins, white weapons, green weapons, and blue weapons are sold (resulting in gaining rolls roughly equivalent to 80 additional cash).

Slot machines are interactive objects introduced in, borderlands.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.All non-pistol weapons from the side drawer.Slot machines are more efficient when playing in a group, in that Eridium, Torgue Tokens and cash winnings are multiplied by the number of players since each receives the winning amount without division.Reason, note: This is only to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.Skins, pistols, eridium, live grenades, and cash will be dispensed from the front drawer.The damage dealt by the grenade is scaled to the level of loot in the machine.
Two bells with any non-psycho mask at the end: One to Three piles of Cash 3 Bells: Three Piles of Cash 3 sevens: Character skin from a manufacturer.g.
3 legs: Blue weapon.