double deck vs 6 deck blackjack

Theyre there to make money, after all.
By the way, you need to remember that simulation software plays Blackjack perfectly and we humans dont.
However, if you combine all of these points together, along with the various rules in favor of the player (like splitting aces, double downs after splits, etc then it adds up to a significant advantage in favor of the player.
The house is more in favor of the player compared to multi-deck games.Split, always split aces and.Double hard 10 except against a dealer 10.Because it will be difficult to leave the table when the count drops, youll need to learn more negative Basic Strategy variations.5Dimes is an example of this.Anyway, I'm super frustrated and weary and sad and in pain because I literally whip and hit myself with a belt as self-punishment.Stand on hard 12 against a dealer 4-6, otherwise hit.The further a deck is penetrated, the more accurate a card counters count, as well as his assessment of how many 10s and aces are left in the deck, and possibly, where.Double soft 15 or.Some casinos seem to think that counters are showing up in droves at hollywood casino columbus rv park their DD games and carting off chips by harrah's casino biloxi ms phone number the box load, but thats not necessarily the case.To start at the beginning, visit the.In a single or double deck game, dont be surprised to see 6:5 payouts for natural blackjacks.Thats obviously good when the count is negative, but no fun at all when the count.A couple of days ago on my trip to the casino I first became aware of Hi-Opt I and thought that was good for this game so I learned it in the car and used it later that day for the Super Fun.However, not all soft 18's are composed of two cards.Problems that I have with this game are as follows: Pitch game (I can't see the cards to count, which I find stupid deck penetration (I really don't even see the benefit of counting when penetration is so low and finally the minimum bet.
With penetration being such a crucial factor, you should first check your local game to see if its even worth the trouble.
Split 9s against a dealer 2-6 or 8-9.

So with two cards it is very slightly better to hit.Benefits of 1 or 2 Deck Casinos.Many DD games require the dealer to hit soft 17 (Im going to assume that throughout this series so there are some Basic Strategy changes needed.The reality is that beating the double-decker takes extra effort and some sharp play by the counter.Double soft.That can be fairly easy to do in 6-deck games and not so easy to do in DD games.Hit or Stand, always hit hard 11 or less.The dealer is less likely to have a blackjack to tie the player if the player has one, because the one of 4 (or 8) aces have been used, drastically lowering the odds of the dealer having one.As my blackjack appendix 9 shows, a 2-card soft 18 vs A has an expected value of hitting of -0.100359, and of standing -0.100502.