I was browsing Aliexpress while i've saw this EMP generator article: And how it is advertised: What a nice way to annoy hams.
EM-Digital, nEW emp jammer model vinn masse penger EM-Digital The power supply voltage:.0 V Charging voltage:.6.
SCM, transistors, etc., signal interference on integrated circuit after receive points or coin, the game machine will automatically divide or coin, electric appliance is composed of electronic components, so that electrical engineers headache is the most special high frequency ultra high frequency electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic interference, this problem.
Small coil and big coil: Want really to DIY it?Does this worth 18?Here is a close view of the PCB: Back of the board: There is almost nothing there, 4 resistors, 3 capas, one npn with erased reference.EM-SuperPower, special offer, and it's here!Plastic Project Box /C2eA.EM-Go, special offer, an absolute novelty of testers EMP.It is the most advanced version.Your price: 349.00 (List Price: 449.00).Your price: 249.00 (List Price: 299.00).All products are designed for testing and exploring the vulnerabilities of customer-owned equipment, and no illegal use is encouraged or implied.
EM-MultiJammer, special offer, in early 2014, we brought to market one of the best EMP devices, Model EM-Multijammer.
Another example here on eBay, theses generators are ridiculously overpriced: There is also tons of fake youtube videos about theses.

EM-Multijammer Plus, special offer, it is an advanced and upgraded version of the popular model EM-Multijammer. .It's an improved version that brings.Model EM-Go came on the market these days and it is beyond.Note: Aliexpress take down regularly theses kinds of products.Hot glue (if you need) /lBnlm.Some others fun EMP circuit can be found on my Github, they do the same things.Definitely not, and everything can be made from scrap parts.You can use a 2SC2078, 2SC2166, 2SC2312, 2SC1972, 2SC1972, 2SC1921, 2SC1969, 2SC1945, any of those should be fine, circuit is very primitive.RF, signal can penetrate inside the machine, wire, resistor, capacitor, chip,.
Push Switch 2 /TcAmVuf.