Technological errors can and do happen so often that 34 percent of Igloo survey respondents cited constant technical issues as one of their biggest meeting annoyances.
If you know they exist, you can act more quickly and meet with your accountant to discuss any changes that might affect you or your business.
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According to the state Department of Labor and Industry, 190,800 Pennsylvania workers earned the minimum wage or less, with a slots king kong cash free majority of them 16 to 24 years old."The Fed is going out of its way to assure markets that, by embarking on a 'gradual' path, this will not be your traditional interest rate cycle said Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz.Even if you work like crazy one month, the next month could bring a dry spell and all that hard income you pocketed away quickly gets reabsorbed into keeping you afloat.Slightly more than half of the candidates for funding from the Washington County Local Share Account made the first cut.Make sure you let us know what you are doing, via social media, using #SmallBizSat, #ShopSmall, and #DineSmall.The term "Groundhog Day" has come to mean an unpleasant situation that repeats over and over again.Although, historically, Congress has always passed the tax-extender bill at the last minute, there are no guarantees.How are we staying ahead of the competition?Yet the one thing you havent invested in yourself is the most critical to the success of the business.Not only is Wagner a Republican, hes a business owner, placing him in two groups that usually oppose such a government mandate on the private sector.Do you find yourself repeating experiences time and again with customers, with employees, with vendors and things never getting much better?
Focus on relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, and employees.