iata slot manual

The expression 'same time' in this context means within the same coordination parameters.
Of the slots contained within the slot pool at the initial allocation, 50 must be allocated to new entrants, unless requests by new entrants are less than.Airlines shall inform the coordinator, at the time of the request for allocation, whether it would benefit from the status of new entrant in respect of the requested slot.The recommended procedures and priorities for such slot adjustments are contained in the iata Worldwide Slot Guidelines first issued in 1976.Airlines operating to, or intending to operate to a Facilitated (Level 2) airport must submit their proposed operations to the Facilitator of the airport concerned.View details, dangerous Goods Regulations (Spiral Bound Manual).Both terms are intertwined and refer to a requirement for airlines to operate at least 80 of their allocated slots to their coordinated timings or face the possible loss of historical precedence for those particular slots in the next equivalent season.Conversely, if an airline fails to operate no more than 20 of their allocated slots to their coordinated timings, the airline will retain historical precedence for its slots in the next equivalent season.When is an airline considered to be a 'new entrant' at an airport?MCT industry notifications are available on SlotLink for all Airline professionals.If an airline becomes aware that for whatever reason it may not be able to use an allocated slot or series of slots, what must it do?The Slot Historical and Non-Historical Allocation Lists (SHLs) must be distributed for each airport, as soon as the historics have been determined by the coordinator, but not later than: the third Monday in April for what is on record as historical slots, as actually operated.
11.12 Contact list for Level 2 and Level 3 Airports (xls) of the Worldwide Slots Guidelines - WSG contains a complete list of facilitated (Level 2) and coordinated (Level 3) airports along with the TTY and e-mail contacts for the facilitators/coordinators responsible for each airport.

It is the airline's responsibility to set realistic connecting times to allow for connections of passengers and baggage.A new entrant, who has been offered slots within one hour before or after the time requested, but has not accepted this offer, will not retain new entrant status for that period.It must be noted that information given to airlines prior to the end of the Summer period must be regarded as provisional until the season is completed.Once iata has been informed by such a group of the setting of, or changes to, existing official MCTs, iata notifies the Scheduling community (including iata partners such as CRS/GDS/schedule aggregators) of the changes by posting them on the iata SlotLink.An airline must not claim new entrant status if it intends to operate on an ad hoc basis.The iata Slot Conference Bid Manual can be found in the Slot Conference section under links.Only iata Member airlines are eligible for participation in spwg.The northern winter season commences on the date Daylight free slots gambling games Saving Time (DST) ends in European Union countries, which currently always takes place on the last Sunday in October.
Individuals interested in becoming members of the spwg should send a curriculum vitae together with a letter of support from the CEO of his/her organization to: Lara Maughan, Head of Worlwide Airport Slots.