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On the taco slot manual last questions you have, leave 5dimes no deposit bonus code the cmos chip in their prospective ere's no need to move them - just move the SP and SS chips, one at a time, onto the suspect MPU.
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Dave The optics appear aligned vertically, not sure how you'd be able to check the horizontal axis.Shaggy I know this sounds like old hat, but have you checked the alignment on the optics?Jim Its been a while, but I think you can get in, the only time I could get in was during a hopper payout error, like a 3100 or a 3300.CDS Video Games igca (aka IGI) Video Slots IGT Fortune 1 Sircoma/Poker.Forget about the Clear chip for the time being.All other trademarks and copyrights are trademarks and copyrights of their respective owners.On your machine, it looks like the optics are mounted below the door latch. .The 61-1 is displayed constantly, it doesn't blank out when I switch the attendant key.On both of the S machines I have in the basement right now, and the one I have in storage, the optics are mounted above the reel shelf, a little above the bill validator head. .Dave, i've disconnected, cleaned the terminals and reconnected the switch - no change.Put a piece of masking tape on the door and with the latch all the way down, mark the center of the optic with a sharpie, pencil what ever.If so disconnect the wires to that switch and wire nut the wires together.Hope this helps Jim knagl I don't think you can get into the self-test input tests when the machine is sitting poker online gratis senza registrazione at a 61 error, unless you know of a way that I don't.Stayouttadabunker Senior Full time Member.
There is a small chip located on the left-hand side of the floor-located motherboard.
Bill Validators and Currency acceptors JCM DBV-45, DBV-145, and DBV-200 Bill Validators.

Then try your reset key switch to clear the 61-1.Offhand, I don't remember the name of the chip or whether or not it has 6 or 8 legs.Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.I'll bet your chips fried too.Another clear won't hurt.What else can I check?Slots4home Was that board working before or is it a new one?It is overused and is not needed nearly as much as people think.Other Reel Games Arcade Games, Pinball, Crane Games, Redemption Games and Other Stuff Arcade Games *Video* Bill breakers, Change machines, Coin counters, ATM's and other Money Handling Machines.
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