Have done some serious sand riding and are reasonable fit. .
If you can do the 1 km jog, the push ups and can ride most technical stuff then youre good for a chilli trip.
Not sure if you can handle more than 4hrs a day on a bike?Normal Vital Signs For Your Furry Feline Friend.Moderate, for the weekend off-road rider who exercises regularly and perhaps goes for a weekend ride on gravel roads or trails at home.You should be confident of your physical condition and bike handling skills.Still not sure which tour is for you?Fitness is more important than technical ability for tours of this level, as the track surfaces will be smooth without any single trail.
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Active, suitable for reasonably fit people who are confident off-road riders.

Friday and Saturday nights at the Seattle Center just got hollywood casino ms reviews even more exciting!If you can do 25 push ups after your jog you are fit enough for a tour.Seattle Center Website for more info.Just show up at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater before 9:00pm on Saturdays for the movies and 5:30pm on Fridays for the concerts to claim a spot!Do you know what your dogs heart rate should be?Once that is taken, Doctor Vineyard comes in and performs the exam.If you can jog 1km and still have a conversation without puffing you are fit enough for a tour.The fitter you are, the more youll enjoy the riding.In some cases the distances may be low but due to heat or sand, the riding is still a challenge.There may be some rutted hills but not too many.
Dont mind riding some 10hr days.
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