iphone 4 charger slot broken

Dont try to repair a severely damaged cable yourself, just trash it and get a new one.
Its not foolproof or perfect, nor should you rely on this for longer than you need to, but it can certainly function as a temporary fix or interim solution until you can replace the cable.
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Credit Card 1, Please key gratis spill til mobil samsung in the correct shipping address in English while checking out with PayPal.Of course, use your discretion with this.Repairing a Broken iPhone Charger with Electrical Tape.3, Normally, dropshipping order will be shipped out in 1 business day and non-dropshipping order 2 business days.Electrical tape is not the magic solution, and will not prevent electrical problems or worse.Its also worth remembering that Apple sometimes replaces frayed lightning cables for free, though success with getting a broken or torn cable swapped out seems to vary widely.It can assist in a Do-It-Yourself repairing of a ripped charging cable for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and help it hold together for a while longer.Use your brain, dont try to MacGyver an irreparably destroyed broken iPhone charger.
And no, its not a perfect or permanent fix, and no, its not a perfect repair.
Because a broken, torn, ripped, damaged, or frayed charging cable could be a hazard, the best thing to do is to replace.

You can get a cheap replacement on Amazon for just a few bucks, and the Amazon brand of charging cables appears to be notably more durable than the official rubber cables, and certainly better than low quality third party knockoffs.Home Wholesale Searches Cell Phone Chargers Wholesale Cable Charger For Iphone Plus.Let us know in the comments if you have some great solution!Or the order will be shipped to your PayPal address.SingFire Rechargeable "2400mAh" 18650 Li-ion Battery Charger (2 PCS).Having a broken iPhone charger cable is exceptionally annoying, not only because they become extremely delicate and often wind up failing completely, but also because its only a matter of time before youll need to replace the thing and toss out the broken cord.And yes, you can patch repair the same iPad charger this way too.