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Lol, because it isnt budging.Hold on while I look at my iPhone.So is your SIM card still in the iPhone or you're trying to get the SIM tray out to put the SIM back in?39.99 for a paper clip, champs.You're compounding an already stupid mistake to try this.So I needed to move my sim to my work blackberry.When I was at the rogers store getting my iPhone I laughed when the guy live casino free bonus no deposit malaysia said that if I lose the patented Apple SIM Remover (circular paper clip) that it would caused.99 to replace.07:17 AM, like 0 a question about the ability of image recover on IOS?So any ideas how to get it unstuck?Thank you so much!I dipped the end part of the needle into.It might be that ur spring needs to be replaced :55 PM, like 0 To report back I finally got it open.50 PM, like 0 if it's under warranty apple will probably replace.I took a pin (a pin, not a needle, the are harder and tend to break) and bent the end into a right-angle.

I waited for two minutes.You will likely damage your iPhone.I dipped it again until it was getting tacky (reduced chance of dripping into the iPhone, and also a reasonable coating of glue).With the iPhone 6 the slot is even smaller and narrower making this even more fun.The compressed air can have droplets of water if it's shaken and who knows the sensors might just pick.I do thank you though.I took a drop of Superglue casino pa nett kypros (.The best thing to do is to take it to an Apple Genius Bar.Fits snugly in the hole and will pull the tray right out.Thanks for the help all.But here's what I did: I could see the edge of the SIM card.