laundry coin slot hack

I'd say it would be an awesome hack if it were don't with something that I already have laying around the house but this requires finding and purchasing a tool that can be used for this one purpose only.
How bout if I use a crowbar on the coinbox while I'm at it?We wonder why the relay box is so big.So, I didn't feel bad for using a hack on them.There was a room full of laundry machines on the top floor.We have had free washer/dryer in them and what happens is the tenants wash whatever load they want.The funny part though, is later down ac casino no deposit bonus codes 2016 the road I also acquired rental properties and provided laundry for free (payback to society).But, after too much hacking I shut down my on-site laundries.So if you got a washer that worked on the first time, you were spending between.75-3.50 a at's providing you get a working washer on your first try.A machine that you own or have permission to practice on, heh-heh, well done i've lived in a couple apartment complex's and the washers in both of them were terrible.I spent all my money on my new phone.
So, tjene ekstra penger hjemmefra several years later I worked for the University of Pittsburgh maintenance department while earning my degree in Electrical Engineering.

But, how correct you are about good, long term tenant's.It makes my life much simpler, but you have made many, many renters lives harder.(depending on what you had in there, sometimes 3 cycles and that wasn't overloading them either).While waiting for his clothes to dry, our reader xaio decided to poke around and see how his buildings coin laundry system worked.Seems like as soon as they open up to collect the coins they'll see the line tied to the switch.That is, no profit.That was about 35-40 years ago and I was about 13 years old then.