Rounder Chief (30 points Achieve a Career Level.
Slot machine passwords: Effect Description Password, t-Shirt 01 Famitsu Weekly Magazine T-shirt (red).Blue Shirt 56428338, famitsu Weekly Magazine T-Shirt m Shirt 88020223, green shirt with WCP baseball cap t-shirt 18213092, midnight Live 38873, monthly gamejapan shirt 52352345, pink JP playboy shirt 34297758, purple Tan 65162980.Shotgun SP (Confetti Shotgun) Reach Level.Then, hold Start Back to shoot a massive laser.T-Shirt 04 Dengeki PlayStation.2 Invisible Rare You will not show up on enemy radar when walking and running.It requires 10,000 credits to play, but will give you faction level-up awards without you having to level up to earn them.Getting desired slot machine items If you do not like an item you get from the real vegas online no deposit bonus 2016 slot machine, simply signout of your Xbox Live profile or reset the system.
Go in the hole to reach the secret area.
Decorated Soldier: Have a saved game file from Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition.

I P Hamaguti Yutaka t-shirt (green with WCP baseball cap) 18213092, midnight live 360 t-shirt 69088873, monthly Game Japan t-shirt m t-shirt (teal) 88020223, famitsu Weekly Magazine t-shirt (red) 73154986, famitsu Xbox 360 t-shirt 94372143, procambarus Clarkii t-shirt (blue with yellow Japanese characters) 56428338, street.Complete Episode 1 (10 points Complete all the chapters in Episode.The Works: Earn all the Good Job awards.Weapons Master: Unlock all the Noms de Guerre in the "Weapon Master" category.Green shirt with WCP baseball cap.Machine Gun SP: Have a saved game file from the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo.T-Shirt 16 Purple shirt with "D" logo.Energy Gun SP Achieve career level 70 with Femmes Fatales Firecracker Achieve career level 30 with Femmes Fatales Flamethrower SP Acheive career level 50 with Snow Pirate Elites Gun Sword SP Achieve career level 70 with Rounders Hand Cannon SP Achieve career level 50 with.Thermal Energy Reactor (10 points Accumulate a combined total of more than 99999 units of thermal energy.(10) Merge two VS units Me Against the World (10) Complete 93 areas while online without the help of other players Monster Hunter (20) Defeat 30 bosses nevec Black Ops Commander (30) Achieve a career level.99 with the nevec black ops Professional Turncoat.T-Shirt 06 Gemaga, t-Shirt 07 Monthly Game Japan.