It can provide you with some fun to play with your friends but it can never throw an uncalled for party at your place, with your friends swearing at you as they watch themselves die in a kill-cam, so to bring to end to this.
There is no black or white answer to this question as it is purely subjective.
Additionally, while the mobile game business is thriving, it has a long way to go to reach the level of the Console and PC gaming industry.
But technology changes quickly and the combination of improved Internet connections, faster servers and better streaming delivery systems could mean that in a few years you could have a game streamed to your mobile phone, tablet or micro-console that is every bit as advanced and.Let us know in the comments.The same kind of changes seem likely for consoles and PCs as the mobile gaming industry grows.Now it begs to question if mobile gaming can rival its console counterparts.For example, Rockstar have ported the GTA series (GTA III, Vice City and now San Andreas) to mobile.At the moment, systems like the Ouya are video vincite slot 2014 far from comparable to todays gaming consoles, not just graphically but also in terms of game quality. This may be because the developers know that no matter how good a game is on mobile, it will never receive the acclaim its console equivalent would get.If you havent used OnLive before, it works reasonably well with a fast connection though it has some flaws like occasional lag that hold it back from being truly exceptional.Casual vs Hardcore Gaming: Finally, I feel that mobile gaming can never replace consoles because the games on consoles are for a different market altogether.In the mobile gaming world, many folks like the idea of free games.My crystal ball doesnt always get it right, after all. .This means that Sony and Microsoft might not need to worry much, casino 365 bonus code but Nintendo should think long and hard about their strategy going forward.You will not find a person who plays Angry Birds on his phone saying that he considers himself a gamer and similarly, a person playing Battlefield, fifa, Need for Speed, Witcher etc will without a doubt, consider himself a (proud) gamer.Nvidia Shield offer an interesting look at what could be the future of handheld gaming.
Just like PC gaming has (arguably) changed due to console gaming.

Most console games still stick to traditional methods of paying full cost upfront, but titles like.Console and PC Advantages, why Im a Console Gamer.While many of us truly hate games that rely heavily on in-app purchases, they have quickly become commonplace in the mobile world but what about on the console and PC?Give it a few years though and we could be looking at a very different scene.There are gamers that will never touch a console and will stick fiercely by the.Should you spend your next-gen console cash on a PC instead?It is important to note that some publishers are porting their famous games to smartphones/tablets, but these are not enough to gratify a true gamer.
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