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12.12pm: Some links on how to find information on the diferencia entre gaming report: You can read BP's press release regarding the report here.
The Onion's previous effort "Massive flow of bullshit continues to gush from BP norsk online casino 200 deposit bonus headquarters" has been so popular that the satirical website is selling a framed print of that week's front page.
BP's reputation is taking a massive kicking online.
It is worth remembering that BP, its rig operator Transocean and the main well contractor Halliburton are the blue chip companies in the wider oil and gas sector.Atlanta, armchair explorers received a big bonus Thursday when BP, at the request of a congressman, made available all 12 live feeds documenting the drama taking place 5,000 feet below the surface of the.12.57pm: The Guardian has a timeline charting over four months of the oil spill clean-up, environmental impact and the impact on BP and business.The images are used to help conduct the work at the Macondo wellhead.Yesterday: The flow on Wednesday afternoon.Our US business correspondent Andrew Clark is due to take part.On the live video feed from the well head, a robotic arm has appeared.BP and the companies working for it are among the best in the business: just imagine how the cowboy outfits behave.Could fail." So on this key point, BP appears to accept that its team made the mistake.
OK bear with me on this one it's a key bit of finger-pointing between Transocean and.
This is from Cathy Mann, director of corporate affairs at Halliburton: As we continue to review BP's internal report published earlier today, we have noticed a number of substantial omissions and inaccuracies in the document.

Flow rate call with usgs.They currently stand at 414.95p,.15p."What we do believe we've done is successfully pumped some mud, some of this drilling mud, into this wellbore." But, Suttles said, oil was still coming out, despite these efforts: "What we do know is that we have not yet stopped the flow." He said.Yesterday, barack Obama described the disaster as "heartbreaking" while BP chief executive Tony Hayward went for the phrase "absolutely gutted in an apparent contest to see who was the most concerned as opinion polls suggest large parts of the US public are dissatisfied with both.5.15pm CDT: The Associated Press is confirming the New York Times story, mentioned below, that BP has suspended top kill operations for the time being: BP is pausing its unprecedented attempt to plug the Gulf of Mexico oil leak, saying it wants to monitor the.Meanwhile BP itself has slipped from its best levels but is still.7 at 413.7p.