The hill was hammered at the end of lap1, and then, as we crossed the finish line, accelerated dramatically. .
Going into the third lap I started to breathe really hard and noticing that my heart rate never went below 191 beats per minute and I started to cramp in my legs and my back.Needless to say I didnt sleep much this past week due to fact I was concerned to not let the Team down and I was needing to put everything I had into this weekend to make sure my teammates efforts were not wasted.It was an amazing race to watch the rest of the fours duke it out and watch my boy kickin some serious ass.I wanted to make sure that whatever they did Shane and I did.This event was just enough to get many of us out of sync and we lost a few pedal strokes and now the pack finish was turning into a long accordion finish.Some nice teamwork was done by all to rotate thru the feed zone up and over the climbs and we all bombed the decent.
Time was 8:09 and 8th overall, and 18 sec off leader.

Felt heavy chest pressure and had the climb.Home bedrooms ground Floor Bedrooms » Room 14, room 14 is a single room but with the added luxury of a full size double bed and canopy overhead!GRA It was an early start for me as I rode out from my house, leaving at about 4:50.Franz, John, Ingle and I were alone trying to catch Quade.So Brandon if you didnt know there was a movie back in the day and the kicker Ray Finkle.I think my gravitational pull was used nicely because when I looked back the group was back on spielautomaten triple chance gratis spielen it too.I kept going and did notice we had a sizable gap on the group.The conditions were similar to our pre-ride and I was praying that the tailwind would hold on for 20 more minutes.It was a pack finish so times were all the same and I was 23rd.