The low points tend to be between 6pm-9pm.
My Account gives you access to automated troubleshooting tools via the Activate and Troubleshoot Services module on the Overview tab.I've got the same setup Tapaj has.This just them being assholes and throttling WoW traffic?I might see a lag spike like once a month.I'm sure I raid with at least a few TWC customers.We have to wonder, beyond how this will affect our own bills, how will it impact services like Steam, GameTap and the upcoming OnLive?Reply With", 07:12 PM #2, first of all, you're paying for up to 30, not.The Meter Is Running, gamers With Jobs.My TWC app also provides access to troubleshooting tools that can help you diagnose and fix Internet issues.Took over a month for me to get someone at TWC cable to admit it, but the problem is completely on their end.Your tracert to your wow server could be higher than other things because of a jump between you and the server.That, and 22D, 2Upload is really the best you can get here before Fiber, and that's more so limited to Boise, Moses Lake, Pendleton, Yakima, Spokane, Seattle, and Portland areas.Also exaplained that during the holidays when everyone and their brother is home online, it bogs the their system down even more.On Wired, Wireless, 2 different computers, laptops, wifi magie automaten tricks is dropping on the phones and IPad.
And if you regularly stream Netflix movies via your Xbox 360 or buy them from the PlayStation Store, on top of your daily Kotaku readership and whatever else it is you do with your precious internet time, one can see how quickly and easily bandwidth.

Factoring in spend for a download that may put one beyond their limit is surely going to have some effect on buying decisions.They sent the new router when they did the free upgrade from 100/10 to 300/20.While some of our European and Antipodean readers may be all too familiar with bandwidth caps placed upon them by their high-speed internet providers, many of us here in the Americas are blissfully ignorant of such limitations.Those low points correspond to what is essentially rush hour for the net.(and I know you said you got a new modem but still something worth checking) That said, what Vegas said is pretty true: there's a good chance your ping issues aren't related to your ISP, and fluctuations in bandwidth should be expected unless the bandwidth.I've been running their speed test and 3rd party speed test about twice a day to track the differences.
Reply With", 11:01 PM #8 Just bumping because I found the problem.
That's my speeds while in game.