Right after I turned 21, I immediately started playing live no-limit holdem cash games at stakes of 1/2, 1/3, and 2/5.
Poker spillemaskiner wiki Bankroll Tracking and Management is a key ingredient to success. .Now imagine breaking even for one month while our monthly living expenses are 2,000 for everything.Even the very best players, if they are not cautious, can burn through their reserve.However, we need to consider carefully whether we can afford to.If you wish to play on the looser side, you would need to account for more variance.In poker you want to stay in games as long possible when youre winning, and you want to play not as long when youre losing.Ive had friends quit poker because they started tracking their results and saw that they were actually losing money when they thought they were winning players.
Consideration #2: When attempting to playing low-stakes poker for a living, your lifestyle needs to be as modest as possible.
Everything else is automatic.

I would never recommend starting out playing on a bankroll of less than 10 buy-ins.Get coaching first and work on your game before doing this.Just add a new game and cash out the amount.After the trial it only costs 2/mo which is trivial.Keep in mind that bankroll fluctuation comes with an emotional price.These apps arent cheap, but they are definitely worth it for any serious poker player.Ask any tournament pro about the swings they experience, and you may wonder why anyone plays them.You can scale this model up and use it for any tournament.
For example, if you are playing 2/5 and get down to a bankroll of 2,500 (5 buy-ins you should really consider dropping down to 1/3.