Crocodile: If you have a speed boost to overcome the sluggish ground movement, you may like the grappling effect of the bite.
Conjure animals can bring one of these beasts to your aid for a third level spell slot.
Giant Octopus: Theoretically possible choice, but many tables (including mine) would consider this cheese as well as lacking the right narrative tone.
You can help them by knocking enemies prone (make sure your ally has their turn between you and the enemy and they can help you by activating your pack tactics.Or when you encounter someone guarding a bridge: Have the bard tell them this tale, while you take this form.Note the MM errata that fixes its to-hit.Giant scorpion: A bit of a gamble.Crocs have the least impressive basic attack damage to compensate for that advantage.A small swarm of eight of these creatures can be summoned with Conjure Animals and a third level spell slot.The real advantage to this creature is the movement rate (or the coolness factor - its a goddamn carnosaur but between its mediocre slugging damage and risky charge, Id probably pass this one by for other options.Allosaurus has AC as can be expected (i.e.Tiger: A heavier version of the lion, less mobile and vulnerable, slightly more likely to deal good damage solo.As usual for large cats, best odds casino las vegas it has expertise in Stealth for a total.One is aquatic and shant be mentioned here.Panther: A fast animal with fine climb speed, but its punch is poor in toe-to-toe slugging and if its pounce fails to come off in charges.Nondetection is something otherwise hard to get, spell turning is funny.
The elephant has slightly more hp than the CR 3 options, slightly less than CR 5, as could be expected.

But they also have the option of charging, which leads with tusks and forces a pitiable DC 12 strength save on the victim to avoid activating a stomp (which is where the better part of elephant damage lies).Without that, the mammoth deals slightly less damage in a slugging match than the elementals (and still less than the giant crocodile) unless fighting a prone enemy.Giant Spider: Fragile but good.The only beast I've seen that has a native AC (17) better than Barkskin (16).Crag Cat (SKT.Fortunately for moon druids, by now they have Beast Spells, and can cast many spells in wild shape, so some of the earlier forms come into prominence when damage dealing becomes less crucial.Wikia is not accessible if youve made further modifications.And finally, don't forget the delayed ability to get wild shape fly and swim speeds (lvl 8 and 4, respectively regardless of a form's.
Summoning an elemental with Conjure Elemental is probably a better use of your resources.