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It places the visual object of the school boy and the urine of the boy in a position to be wanted; just as it displays one's physical prowess (it has to be said, circular breathing and urinating at the same time is not easy).
This was perhaps the biggest challenge in the show: 'resetting' my approach for each work during the performance.
Live Art occupies a huge range of sites and circumstances, from the institutional to artist-led interventions; from actions in galleries and performances in theatres, to artists working outside of the constraints of official culture, within civic or social spheres, in challenging and unexpected sites,.Live Art practices have proved to be especially equipped to meet the complexity and sophistication of contemporary audiences values, identities and expectations.RLC: What is fetishistic about the performance Breath Control for you?Listen, My Secret Fetish, an experimental contemporary music performance that explores sexual fetish in four parts: Part 1, Breath Control by David Young; Part 2, Interference by Richard Barrett; Part 3, The Sadness of Detail by Chris Dench; Part 4, Press Release by David Lang.The Study Boxes contain a range of hand picked DVDs, books and other materials around specific themes.At the time of writing, I'm not interested in memorising this piece, however I think the image of the naked shadow turning pages definitely has something quasi-fanatical about it; like a ruler preaching to his people or a strange sermon from some kind of extremist.About spill Festival, spill Festival of Performance is an international festival of experimental theatre, live art and performance presenting the work of exceptional artists from around the globe. .As a classical musician, one appears in concert gear most of the time (for men, a combination of black, white or tastefully coloured clothes, often, not to out-weigh the presence of the music).RH: Each of the scenes explored different musical territory and therefore my mental and physical relationship to each work was, had to be, carefully controlled.

Raimund Hoghe free casino spill Tim Etchells, a special launch event for two new books on Tim Etchells and Raimund Hoghe, published by the Live Art Development Agency.The sound of the instrument (conceptually, not actually) begins in the body, we think of breathing to the stomach, as this expands the lowest regions of the lungs.Spill - Publications Launch - Raimund Hoghe and Tim Etchells.Do you have any thoughts on this?All of which became part of the soundscape in 'Listen.We hope you smack right in.Wherever they may take place or whatever shape they may be, Live Art practices are concerned with all kinds of interventions in the public sphere and all kinds of encounters with an audience.RH: This work suggests to me a scene in which a sexualised act could be played out.RLC: Who are the composers you admire or who influence you?Live Art is a research engine, driven by artists who are working across forms, contexts and spaces to open up new artistic models, new languages for the representation of ideas and identities, and new strategies for intervening in the public sphere.
Live Art can also span extremities of scales from intimate one-on-one encounters, to civic spectacles, to the mass participation of virtual events.
Throwing the Body into the Fight: a Portrait of Raimund Hoghe (edited by Mary Kate Connolly, co-published by lada and Intellect) is the first English language publication dedicated to this seminal choreographer and performance maker.