I finally made convinced him to shave his beard off before all of the wedding festivities began, but in all fairness I agreed to his only request of taking photos of beard disappearing.
note: These photos were taken back in May when Scott had a full beard for the Orlando Magics.Pumpkin Spice Coffee Giveaway!Dont ask why or how this happened, but I have a little confession to make: Over the past 4 years that weve had a condo Scott and I, noScott has accumulated an entire room of props, costumes, and anything else you can think of that.Bastia: painted wall, filipina nuns in habits and identical straw hats waiting for the bus.En su nuevo trabajo sobre este período de transformaciones, Northrup defiende que el cambio es algo mas que una serie de problemas físicos que hay que arreglar ya sea con hormonas o con hierbas.Halloween Horror Nights, Epcots Food Wine Festival, and go to at least one or two Halloween Parties dressed to the tee.I seriously debated posting these or not, but they were too good NOT to share, right? .During the Fall season, we usually hit up every Halloween or Fall event we can in Orlando, including.Halloween weekend is officially here and this is the first year since Scott and I have been together that we havent slot comma 6a carefully selected and put together dynamic duo, halloween costumes.Closing up with a pretty intense Kung Fu stance: Ohhhh man. .Este cambio es una verdadera revolución física y mental, algo que la mujer no experimentaba con esa intensidad desde la adolescencia.First up, Harley Joe: the one man serious mullet show.Art Workshop International in Assisi and I still havent figured it out.I hope you all are having a wonderful Halloween Weekend celebrating, cooking yummy orange and chocolate treats getting dressed.(Y es conveniente que empiece a prepararse desde el periodo pre-menopáusico).Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Dont show this to Grow Dammit, hell feel insecure.

La menopausia no es un tiempo de pérdidas; la lectura de este libro ayudara a la mujer a interpretar el auténtico mensaje que le esta enviando su cuerpo, y que le dice que se encuentra en un momento de gran fortalecimiento vital y de energia.So, in case you were wonderingthat facial hair is legit. .The hard-working guys holding up the rose window at San Rufino.Pepper his Hot Nurse 2009: Ken Barbie, kB will always be a favorite of mine, but nothing compares to 2010: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Before After: There just arent any words for this. .All I can say is that we won the Best Couples costume award at that Halloween Party booyah!So here I am, belatedly, back again, with some photos.Are you crying yet? .
For your enjoyment, and in lieu of having Halloween Costumes this year, we proudly present to you an: I found it in the bonus room costume fashion show!